Caring for our Communities

At Funeralcare we help communities discuss, understand and prepare for death. Together we can tackle the taboo surrounding death and provide support for people dealing with, and coming to terms with death, grief and bereavement.

Membership 1% Reward

In choosing us as your funeral director, you’ve helped raise £19 million for local causes this year.

Thanks to our members we’re making a real difference to UK communities. Since 2016, we’ve supported more than 12,000 community projects, such as…


 -       246 hospice and hospital projects gifting over £570,000

-       54 Alzheimer and Dementia charities gifting over £90,000

-       79 bereavement charities gifting almost £175,000

Click on the headings below to see how we help in the community.

Tackling loneliness

Bereavement is one of the highest triggers leading to isolation and loneliness in the UK.

That’s why bereavement support is important to us as at Funeralcare. We support people dealing with grief every day.

Our Bereavement Groups provide a safe environment for people to talk openly about what they’re feeling and an opportunity to make new friends at a difficult time in their lives. They play an essential part in the communities they serve.

Supporting people with dementia

One in six people over the age of 80 in the UK live with dementia. So we've launched our ‘Memory Boxes’ activity, a new initiative aimed to trigger long-term memory recognition for those with dementia. 

The conception of the memory box has come from the Football Memories Project, which is an ongoing project using football memorabilia to stimulate the minds of Football fans with dementia, Alzheimer’s or related illnesses.

The first Funeralcare Memory box was developed by our colleague Kenny McLachlan at our Dunfermline funeral home. He developed the concept of a “Football Memory Box” in conjunction with the Dunfermline Athletic Heritage Trust and the Pars Foundation. Find out more...

Funeral awareness

For a number of years, we have been developing strong relationships with health and care professionals in our communities.

One way we do this is delivering a presentation on funeral care to practitioners, enabling them to have relevant knowledge to help them to deliver better support and advice to families when a patient dies.

Going above and beyond

Communities are at the heart of Co-op Funeralcare.

We strive to be a positive, active part of our communities and give back to those in our local areas. We don't just want to raise awareness of our business, we want to provide opportunities for our community to get to know us, to develop and to prosper. There are a number of ways in which we make a difference in our communities.